Jun 21, 2024

Pass the (e-commerce) test with flying colours

This case study demonstrates how Wind & Kite improved an established client's conversion rates by implementing colour swatches to product pages.

Wind & Kite conducts regular Business Development and Growth Investigations on all our clients, to improve and enhance their e-commerce businesses. During our investigations for one of our established Magento clients, we noted that customers weren’t being provided with further choices of colour swatches on product pages when those alternative colour items already appeared on their site. 

The client has a large product choice available to the customer, in multiple colour options for many of the products. With the previous display method, if a customer liked an item and wanted it in an alternative colour option, they would have to search the entire database of products to find the alternatives or search the product by name. 

Wind & Kite suggested that products with alternative colour options be linked with a custom colour swatch option to be implemented for more customer choice, and we believed this would increase conversion rates.  Wind & Kite worked closely with the client to ensure that the high quality of the images was maintained, whilst enabling the customer the ease of switching between colour options.  

The client implemented these changes and enabled the images to be grouped when applicable to allow the customer to select numerous products in the various colour swatches in one purchase without having to search the listing pages.  

Following implementation of these changes, the site was reevaluated and the products were examined to establish if any improvements were made to conversion rates. In the two months since the changes were implemented, the client has seen increased conversion for some of the products, even with the expected revenue fluctuations in e-commerce. 

The most noticeable change related to the original product which the Growth Director noticed at the time of investigation, was a “classic male tee” with seven different colour options. Wind & Kite noted that since the implementation of colour swatches, five of the seven t-shirts saw increased conversions of up to a 170% increase. 

Another success story related to a popular male t-shirt with six colour options, which saw an increase in conversion rates across the product range, with the most dramatic conversion rate seen in one colour option of an 836% increase in revenue. 

Product A - Classic Tee

Colour Option Revenue Change
Colour option 1 Not enough data available
Colour option 2 Up 4% in revenue
Colour option 3 Up 174% in revenue
Colour option 4 No change
Colour option 5 Up 35% in revenue
Colour option 6 Up 122% in revenue
Colour option 7 Up 70% in revenue

Product B - Classic Tee

Colour Option Revenue Change
Colour option 1 Slight reduction in revenue
Colour option 2 Up 50% in revenue
Colour option 3 Up 266% in revenue

Product C - Classic Tee

Colour Option Revenue Change
Colour option 1 Up 339% in revenue
Colour option 2 Up 277% in revenue
Colour option 3 Up 64% in revenue
Colour option 4 Up 42% in revenue
Colour option 5 Up 111% in revenue
Colour option 6 Up 836% in revenue