About Wind & Kite

We're the eCommerce agency with a conscience, and we're here to make you soar

After working with the UK's best agencies, we've taken the good bits, and left the bad

We've worked with some of the biggest agencies in the industry, and after seeing the good, and the not-so-good, time and time again, we knew it was time to start our agency, Wind & Kite.

We believe that complex things work best when people work with people, so we hire the best developers, and give customers direct access to work with them. Welcome to the person-to-person agency.

The core values that drive everything we do

We're quick

The internet moves at speed, so we do too.
We respond to 99% of tickets in under 24-hours, and complete 80% of tasks in under 2-weeks

We're transparent

Budgets matter. That's why we're upfront with how long things take before we begin so you control your budgets and priorities.


Your team don't want to talk to a nameless-business, they want to talk to a person. We put our team directly in touch with your team, no middleman here

We never outsource

We've seen the results when greedy agencies try to cut costs on development as we regularly pick up the pieces after. That's why we keep all work in-house, so we can guarantee quality every time

We specialise

We keep our services lean so we can be experts in everything we do. No juniors hacking away at your site, just serious specialists doing things right

We love what we do

We genuinely love our customers, and want to see them flourish online. We build relationships, not just revenue.

Ready to start working together with our team?