Shore Watersports: Magento 2 Build

The UK’s widest range of surf fashion and watersports hardware on the Internet
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Project Overview

Shore Watersports, began its journey in 1982 with humble roots, located in a beach hut in East Wittering, Sussex. All these years later, they are still based in East Wittering, albeit in a slightly bigger “beach hut”, however much has changed for this company, as they are now the UK’s widest range of surf fashion and water sports hardware on the Internet, as well as the UK’s number one wetsuit retailer.

Wind & Kite started working with Shore in August 2021, and has maintained a successful ongoing relationship working very closely with the team ever since. Wind & Kite has been working with Shore to grow and improve their site, whilst simultaneously ensuring that it remains functional, safe and secure.

Wind & Kite came on board to migrate Shore’s website from an unsupported Magento 1 store to a stable Magento 2 storefront. This was achieved with clean code and a modular-based theme to achieve a low cost of ownership and allow a clear development pathway.

For this project all the data from a ten-year-old Magento 1 store needed to be migrated, involving millions of rows of data. This was completed seamlessly with no loss of data during this migration.

Given the success of this migration, Shore has exclusively worked with Wind & Kite for all of their Magento 2 development since.

Shore Watersports
Dec 2022
Magento 2
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Shore Watersports had a clear vision in place of how they wanted their website to look and function. Wind & Kite's in-house designers and development team worked closely with Shore to create and integrate a custom-built theme following their branding guidelines, to improve customer usability whilst maintaining their own unique personal style. The original theme is still in use today, and still performs fantastically and flawlessly, both in speed and optimisation, holding its own against newer technologies.

It was key for Shore to have a solid base to build from, and the site has allowed Shore to reduce overall maintenance costs and total cost of ownership moving forward.

Shore integrates with multiple third-party suppliers and in-house systems. Wind & Kite created integrations to enable this to happen seamlessly for Shore. This includes:

  • Custom review modules to help Shore generate unique content
  • Supplier stock integration to offer a wider catalogue of products to its customers
  • Mobile first lead front-end marketing tools

Shore regularly runs large-scale campaigns. The modular bespoke theme Wind & Kite created allowed the entire site to change with minimal effort to make these campaigns unique every time, without the need for Shore’s designers and merchandisers to have to touch code, and waste time.

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Our client says...

"Finding someone you can trust with your business is never easy, especially in smaller family-run firms like ours. James and the team at Wind & Kite allowed us to migrate from M1 to M2 with minimal hassle and then helped push us forward with the growth of our new M2 store. The solid foundations laid on the initial build and migration have helped us spend our limited resources on growing the website instead of constantly fixing issues.

This has all helped push the website to new heights, while not breaking the bank. We don't look at Wind & Kite as an agency, we look at them as an extension of our in-house team, and the access they allow to actual developers who know what they are doing vs sales guys makes all the difference.”
Screenshot of Shore Watersport's homepage page on a mobile device.
Screenshot of Shore Watersport's category page on a mobile device.Screenshot of Shore Watersport's category page on a mobile device.
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