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About the client

Mad4Tools began its life in 2011. Mad4Tools prides itself on the ethos of always putting the customers first, by providing its valued customers with an extensive range of products, at sensible prices with an emphasis on “good old-fashioned” customer service. They are passionate about providing exceptional service online, with the ability to provide online users with a full shopping experience with high-quality products, expertly crafted descriptions, and honest reviews to ensure that their customers can buy in confidence, with the same level of detail as would be expected in a physical store. 

2022 - Present
Magento 2 with Hyvä
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Wind & Kite started working with Mad4Tools in January 2022, and has continued to build on the excellent, honest, stable working relationship with the senior management team ever since. 

In January 2024, Wind & Kite worked with Mad4Tools to completely rebuild and refresh the entire front end using Hyvä themes, intending to reduce complexity and achieve maximum performance, resulting in better user experience, higher conversion rates, and higher SEO rankings.


Mad4Tools previously had a Magento website, with a long-standing regular customer base, selling both to commercial business customers and the “everyday” DIY-er, with a large range of products available on their website. 

However, they had encountered several issues with their site, especially with the slow loading times on their site, as well as experiencing issues with certain key functionalities with their Magento theme. The website had previously been built bespoke by another agency, and due to its age and build method, Wind & Kite were initially fixing these front-end issues, which resulted in high costs for Mad4Tools. 

Therefore, to prevent Mad4Tools from having continued rising costs with a problematic website, Wind & Kite suggested a full Hyvä rebuild to reduce long-term costs, with the ability to dramatically improve speed as well as provide a fully functioning site with reduced issues.  Due to the adaptivity of Hyvä, Wind & Kite were able to work together with Mad4Tools to create a fully functional, bespoke and simplified website in just 3 weeks of development time.

Screenshot of Mad4tools product page on a mobile and desktop device.


Solution & Results

Before Mad4Tool’s new Hyvä build, it was discovered that 100% of the mobile pages tested by Wind & Kite were failing Google’s Core Web Vitals Assessments and that 33% of those were also failing on Desktop. 

In the 28 days since Mad4Tools went live with their Hyvä rebuild, Wind & Kite have retested these same pages on Google’s Core Web Vitals and have seen a marked improvement across the board, with previously failed pages now passing on Core Web Vitals.

Following the Hyvä build Mad4Tools have had their loading times dramatically improved site-wide. Below are some of the impressive improvements that Mad4Tools has seen since moving to Hyvä:

Homepage Google Performance Score Increase

Google Performance Speed Test Scores

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Previous Magento Site
New Hyva Rebuild

Home Page

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Category Page

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Product Page

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Hyvä states that by Mad4Tools implementing their theme, they’d expect the business to see a 24.94% increase in conversion rate, a 36.40% increase in revenue, improved user navigation experience, and a reduction in maintenance costs.

In the 28 days since Mad4Tools went live with their Hyvä rebuild, they have successfully increased their conversion rate by 11.62%, with a 36.55% increase in revenue, alongside an increase of 13.6% on their average order value. They have also gained a 20% increase in users overall, along with an increase of 22.6% in new users site-wide.

We can’t wait to see their continued success with their new Hyvä site and to remain working alongside Mad4Tools in the future. 
Increase In Revenue
Increase in Conversion Rate

Our client says...

"Working with Wind and Kite has been very straightforward and insightful, as they have shared their expertise and made the transition to Hyvä smooth sailing. From start to launch and follow-up monitoring of results, the team has been heavily involved and supportive, which makes us confident in taking on new projects with them to continuously improve our online user experience."
Screenshot of Mad4tools home page on a mobile device.Screenshot of Mad4tools home page on a mobile device.
Screenshot of Mad4tools product list page on a mobile device.Screenshot of Mad4tools product listing page on a mobile device.
Screenshot of Mad4tools product page on a mobile device.Screenshot of Mad4tools product page on a mobile device.
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