How a performance audit can improve your Magento Core Web Vitals

A case study demonstrating how Wind & Kite conducted a performance audit and improved Core Web Vitals to increase performance and revenue with an established Magento client.

Wind & Kite conducts regular Business Development and Growth Investigations on all our clients. Through these investigations, we noted that for one of our established clients, there was an issue with their Core Web Vitals.

The client had a list of other features they wished to execute in priority order, but Wind & Kite felt that this could still be achieved alongside the additional fixes to their Core Web Vitals. Therefore, Wind & Kite worked with the client and proposed a performance audit to review and resolve the worst issues to improve performance. 

Wind & Kite, conducted a full performance audit to determine action points, and noted that of the nearly 4,000 pages within Core Web Vitals that were audited, on mobile 89% of them were deemed to be poor URLs, with a further 5% needing improvement and on desktop 83% of pages needed improvement. 

Wind & Kite improved pages across the site, with common issues like Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) and backend issues such as slow Time to First Byte (TTFB).

One of the fixes that Wind & Kite implemented was the client’s use of high-quality editorial images across the site. Wind & Kite worked closely with the client to ensure that the quality of the images was maintained while sizes were reduced. By converting images automatically to modern file formats, and serving images responsively to the end-user’s device, Wind & Kite were able to reduce the image size across the site, hugely improving Core Web Vitals.

In the month since the changes were implemented, the mobile and desktop Core Web Vitals have dramatically improved, with now only 7% of mobile pages needing improvement, with no poor URLs, and with desktop pages having a total of 9% of pages needing improvement, again with no poor URLs. 

Increase In Revenue
Increase in revenue from previous month

Unexpectedly for the client, they have also seen an increase in their revenue and user figures on Google Analytics, with an increase of 7.4% of users since the changes were implemented by Wind & Kite to their Core Web Vitals, an amazing increase in revenue of 31% along with a marked increase of average engagement time by customers on the site from the previous month. Additionally, compared with the same period last year, they are up in revenue by 22% and their average engagement time continues to grow year on year. 

Wind & Kite worked with the client over a short two-day period to create these dramatic results. We believe by making a small investment in your website, you will increase your Search Engine performance and customer satisfaction as well as user activity to your site and revenue, making improving your Core Web Vitals a cost-effective no-brainer solution for your business. 

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