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About the client

Empire Philatelists has been trading in philatelic material since 1997 and has been run by the couple, with a little help from their cat, Scratchy, ever since. The owner has a keen interest in collecting and has been collecting stamps since the 1960s.

Empire Philatelists has a huge collection of stamps from all over the world, with a special emphasis on British Empire & Commonwealth stamps dating from 1840 through to the 1990s covering the reigns of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George V, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.

2023 - Present
Magento 2 with Hyvä
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Wind & Kite started working with Empire Philatelists in 2023, and has maintained a successful ongoing relationship working closely with the management team ever since. Wind & Kite has been working with Empire Philatelists to grow and improve their site, ensuring it remains functional, safe and secure.. 

In 2024, Wind & Kite suggested that Empire Philatelists completely rebuild and refresh the entire front end using Hyvä themes to simplify the code base to make maintenance and Magento updates easier for the client, whilst improving the store's usability for customers.


Empire Philatelists previously had poorly written third-party modules making updates time-consuming and troublesome. Wind & Kite used their expertise to replace these modules with new modules or build bespoke modules. The changes allowed a full Magento upgrade to take place as part of the build in very little time, ensuring that future maintenance will be much easier.

Empire Philatelists has an extremely loyal and regular customer base, due to the specialism they sell under and their excellent portfolio, however, their site lacked a consistent user experience and design, making it difficult for their specific customer group. Out-of-the-box Hyvä has a modern and user-friendly interface, giving an instant improvement to the Empire Philatelists website, which Wind & Kite took further to redefine the experience while maintaining the Empire Philatelists brand guidelines.

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Wind & Kite worked closely with Empire Philatelists to build new functionality to make the store work for their customers, including a redefined navigation system for improved user journeys across the site.

Empire Philatelists was passionate about ensuring that their website was suitable for their loyal customers and being aware that the majority of their customers were mature users, there was a focus from Wind & Kite on ensuring that the website was accessible, with large and clear fonts along with appropriate colour contrast as well as the use of larger images to showcase the items being sold. 

Empire Philatelists was given additional training and support from Wind & Kite to ensure they could manage content in-house without the need for additional support and costs,

Wind & Kite facilitated this training so that Empire Philatelists could build out feature-rich content pages autogenously.   

As part of the investigative work conducted before the new Hyvä build for Empire Philatelists, it was discovered that 100% of the mobile and desktop pages tested by Wind & Kite failed Google’s Core Web Vitals Assessments.

In the month since the site went live under the new Hyvä theme, Wind & Kite has retested all the pages and seen outstanding improvements to their Core Web Vitals results, along with these tested pages now passing Google’s Core Web Vitals Assessments.

Solution & Results

Below are some of the impressive improvements that Empire Philatelists has seen since moving to Hyvä:

  • Google's performance score on the Home Page improved by 378% on mobile and 114% on desktop
  • Google's performance score on Product Listing Pages (Category Page) improved by 183% on mobile and 63% on desktop.
  • Google's performance score on a Product Detail Page (Product Page) improved by 200% on mobile and 159% on desktop.
  • Google's performance score on a secondary Product Detail Page (Product Page) improved by 760% on mobile and 67% on desktop.
Homepage Google Performance Score Increase
Hyvä states that by implementing their theme, Empire Philatelists would expect the business to see a 24.94% increase in conversion rate, a 36.40% increase in revenue, improved user navigation experience, and a reduction in maintenance costs.
Increase In Revenue
Increase in Conversion Rate

Google Performance Speed Test Scores

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