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Fishing tackle specialists, clothing and equipment
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Project Overview

Angling Active has a long lineage, starting its humble life in 1999 in Stirling, Scotland and has been run by the passionate father and son duo, ever since. The duo quickly outgrew their smaller tackle shop, and now have a 7,000-square-foot showroom in the heart of Scotland's most popular fishing destination.

The duo, who are passionate about encouraging and introducing customers to the world of Angling, pride themselves on the website, and their business as a whole, and have the same expectations for customers to experience online as they would in-store, with a focus on aftercare and advice.

Wind & Kite began working with Angling Active in December 2021, and have maintained a stable, honest and successful relationship, working very closely with the senior management team ever since.

In November 2022, Wind & Kite worked with Angling Active to rebuild the entire front end from scratch using Hyvä themes, this enabled Angling Active to reduce complexity and achieve maximum performance which resulted in better user experience, higher conversion rates as well as higher SEO rankings.

Angling Active
Dec 2022
Magento 2 with Hyvä
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Following the Hyvä build loading times dramatically improved site-wide and every page was modernised, with a focus on user experience throughout. Through best-practise development, Angling Active has seen a huge reduction in maintenance costs going forward. All of these efforts meant that from December 2022 to February 2023, Angling Active saw a 14% increase in revenue, as well as almost a 14% increase in user engagement across the site, compared to the preceding period.  

These figures have continued to grow, from 6 months from August 2022 to November 2022, compared to the same period the following year in 2023, Angling Active saw an increase of 207% in revenue and a continued increase of new users by almost 27%.

Additionally, in this same period, the Average Order Value of each customer has increased by 130%, as well as increased retention of users by 33%.

In March 2023, Wind & Kite created a bespoke integration which enabled Angling Active to be able to offer users specific personalised upsell items, which could be added to the bag in just one click. For example, if a user purchased a pair of waders, they would have the option to tick a box and add the specific wader bag for those trousers, enabling users to purchase unique items for them with increased speed and efficiency. Since this integration, Angling Active have seen their Average Order value per customer increase by almost 18%

Screenshot of Angling Active product page on a desktop device.
Increase In Average order value
Increase in Revenue

Our client says...

"Working with James and his team at Wind and Kind has been an absolute pleasure. Their honest and expert guidance has been instrumental in our online success and maximising ROI from our Magento support.

W&K's deep understanding of Magento coupled with a commitment to keep us informed with e-commerce trends, makes them an invaluable partner for ecommerce businesses seeking to enhance their Magento store."
Screenshot of Angling Active product listing page on a mobile device.Screenshot of Angling Active homepage page on a mobile device.
Wind & Kite created a custom bespoke integration for Angling Active, with internal in-store stock systems to enable users to be able to check stock for products at their Stirling Store, enabling customers to check specific sizes of items with accuracy.
Screenshot of Angling Active product listing page on a mobile device.Screenshot of Angling Active product listing page on a mobile device.
To streamline admin operations Wind & Kite created bespoke integrations for Angling Active with Royal Mail and Parcelforce. Details are pushed automatically to the respective vendor after a customer completes a purchase. Within the admin interface staff press one button to instantly print the corresponding order label with no need to access the supplier’s system. This integration minimises clicks and improves efficiency for the Angling Active team.
Screenshot of Angling Active product page on a mobile device.Screenshot of Angling Active product page on a mobile device.
With increased costs of Trustpilot Wind & Kite created a custom integration for Angling Active. This system pulls reviews from Trustpilot into Magento so that Angling Active are free to move to any other supplier in the future without losing their data.

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